True Blood’s Stephen Moyer’s New Film, The Double and What It Can Learn From The Empire Strikes Back Trailer

Stephen Moyer, Topher Grace, Richard Gere (hello Mr Gere, welcome back) and Marty Sheen star in a soon-to-be-released spy thriller called The Double. The trailer looks thrilling (as the genre suggests) – it’s action packed with lots of intense staring to camera, car chases and collisions, code names and it even features the obligatory mood board of a killer’s mind. In short, it ticks all the boxes.

There is one problem with the trailer (and its not Gere’s flagrant overuse of his watch wire), it gives away the plot twist! Why tell us that Gere is in fact the man he was sent to hunt all those years ago? This seems like a pretty cool plot point to unveil after we’ve spent our $13 on a movie ticket.

To further mock this film’s failure to maintain any mystery whatsoever, we have compiled a collection of trailers that have done a sterling job of keeping their big twist under wraps. See trailer-making people? It isn’t that hard to do!

Join in the fun and post your favourite twist-hiding trailers in the comments!

First up, the classic, Primal Fear which coincidentally stars our man Gere.

How were we to ever know they were the same guy? Genius trailer from Fight Club.

One of the smartest superhero films of all time (thank you M. Night Shyamalan), Unbreakable

Also from M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense

And of course, the Big Poppa of all movie twists, Empire Strikes Back.