Top 10 Things on Buzznet

Howdy y’all! Welcome to another round of the Top 10 Things on Buzznet! As usual, this week has been amazing. It’s also still not over, and the best is yet to come. Hold onto your boot straps and try not to topple over in excitement as we bring you some of the stuff on Buzznet this week.

o noes!

If you are looking for the latest from the 2011 MTV VMA’s, look no further than Buzznet. We’ll be bringing you everything and more as it happens. Hunker down with Brian Logan Dales from The Summer Set as he covers the MTV VMA’s red carpet in style:

Back To School with Jordan Witzigreuter of the Ready Set: Hallway PDA Offender

VIDEO: Cobra Starship Talk VMA Predictions, ‘Night Shades’ and Justin Bieber’s Hair Britney Spears VMA Looks Over The Years
10 Moments Ryan Gosling Put Us Under His Spell

Milkshake, meet RyGos

Hanna and Demi Have A Glam Rock B Day Party Milkshake, meet RyGos

Have you met Charlavail?

Drawing of the Week

~ Gaga Wonka by Ranna ~

SappySuperUnknown10’s X Men Project

Wudup Gambit? Sup?

Rhianna Turns 5 (In Buzznet Years)

Check out her Cool Stuff – Week 129 for max awesome. Thanks, Rhianna, for sticking around and making this place what it is. <3

You are my Sunshine!

Anyway, that’s all we have for you this week. Like I said, this week isn’t over yet so keep being amazing and rocking out. Hugs!


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