Things I will never understand…

There are plenty of things I will never understand, but they mostly stem from how people treat each other. I will never understand how nasty they can be sometimes. 

Sure I have been angry, hurt and disappointed by how someone has treated me — and I am sure I have hurt people I care about, I am far from perfect.

I do know however, I would NEVER do anything intentionally to hurt someone out of spite or anger. I would never go for the belt and humiliate someone I once cared about just to gain revenge or make myself feel like I have had the last word.

That feeling is fleeting, and in the end it will only make you feel worse. 

Makes my heart hurt when I see this happen, especially to people that I care about. I will not go into specifies but I will always have my friends backs. Anyone that has had a place in my heart always will. I will look back on those relationships fondly because regardless of how they turned out I learned something. Anger is a strong emotion and acting out of it will always result in more negativity.

Acting out of haste well… makes waste. 

Be kind to each other. 

Try and make someone smile today, not cry. 



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