I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. Trained to be since birth. My mom was always a Redskins fan. As the years went on though, she lost interest with staying on top of NFL. Plus, my Dad always made sure I was dressed in Cowboys gear.

My little brother Gavin is an AMAZING football player. He plays for a select team, coached by Larry Brown. (Larry used to play for the Cowboys and was Superbowl MVP a few years back) –Anyway, my brother had his opening game today. He got the chance to play his opening game in Cowboys Stadium!

WELL… we also got to watch the Cowboys have practice!!!!!!! Jerry Jones was even present. It was amazing. I’ve seen the Cowboys play before, but this was my first time in the new stadium. Also, everytime I see them I get excited. (Especially when I see Miles Austin– HAYYY!! ;] lol)

Here are a few pictures I took earlier. xxo