SYTYCD: Nigel Lythgoe Thinks Finale Was “Disappointing”

So last night was bittersweet! It was my final week covering the SYTYCD show. I got to watch Marko, Tadd, Melanie and Sasha perform breathtaking, room silencing, jaw dropping routines. It’s been so amazing seeing them grow this season it’s going to be interesting to see who wins. Obviously I love Marko because I met him the moment I moved out here and we’ve been growing in our own way so it’s a supportive sister relationship with him.

I got to chat with the fabulous hot tamale Mary Murphy, my Emmy date Nigel and the brilliant Kenny Ortega. They gave me their opinions on how the night and the season went in their eyes. All of them are keeping busy even though the show is ending.

Who do you think will take the title home tonight?