SYTYCD All-Star Courtney Galiano Confirms Starring on GLEE!

I remember once little Courtney Galiano standing in the dressing room when we both danced for the New York Knicks, and saying to me, “How do you get an agent? I want one!” Oh how the world has changed. I’ve watched little Courtney not only get an agent, but become a dancing mega-star, and now with a rumored new re-occuring role on Glee (thanks twitter) she has taken destiny in her own hands by starting The Beat Dance a new convention for dancers! Does this girl ever sleep?

KC: Why did you decide to move to LA? How long have you been here?

CG: I decided to move after SYTYCD. I wasn’t going to at first, I was nervous to make that move especially with my family being so far away, but at the LA show on tour Adam Shankman said “Listen honey…it’s either you want broadway or film and television!” and i knew i wanted film and TV so i decided to make the move! I moved in with Katee Shean, Comfort Fedoke and Chelsie Hightower so that made the move much smoother too! I have now been out in LA since January 5th 2009.

KC: What was the first thing that you did once you moved here?

CG:First thing I did once I moved here was take class at The Edge and I’ll never forget my first audition out in LA it was for Fresh Beat Band on Nickelodeon, it was a zoo!

KC:What are some of your career highlights?

CG: I have gotten the chance to work with some pretty awesome people! I have danced in Disney’s Shake it up, Hannah Montana and danced in the movie Camp Rock 2. On Nickelodeon, I have danced in Big Time Rush and Fresh Beat Band. I recently just finished The Glee Live Tour and Rock of Ages which comes out in theaters next year.

KC: Do you think SYTYCD was the turning point that changed your career?

CG: For me, I do believe SYTYCD was the turning point for a lot of things not just my career. It was the craziest journey I have ever experienced. I definitely grew as person and as a dancer. I have never danced like that in my entire life and I got to work with the top choreographers in the industry which really helped. You are forced to work with them and they are forced to work with you, you get the chance to get personal and they get the chance to know you not only as a dancer but as a person, which 9 out of 10 times is the reason you’d get the job in the first place.

KC: What was it like to come back as an All-Star?

CG: Being an all-star was great. I really enjoyed getting to know, love and dance with the contestants. We quickly became a family and it felt good to support them and tell them we understand the journey they’re on and what they are going through.

KC: What is it like backstage on the set of Glee?

CG: Backstage at Glee is amazing! The cast is just as awesome off the screen as they are on the screen. Everyone gels really well and its just a really fun environment from the actors, to the dancers, to the producers to the crew guys, the whole camp is really wonderful.

KC: What was the Glee tour like?

CG: Tour was surreal! Performing at the O2 in London was INSANE. 7 sold out shows! We were one big family. The cast treated us like we were one of them. As far as the dancers, we were such a tight knit group, all different in the most amazing way. Most tours just appeal to a certain demographic, or displays a certain kind of specific vibe…this show was extremely versatile and appealing to all kinds! I loved traveling all over the country and London, Canada and Ireland! We definitely were exhausted but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had with some of the best people I know…and forget seeing yourself in 3D! That was just crazy!

KC: What inspires you to keep going?

CG: May sound cheesy but the love for dance. I am so far away from home, schedule is never the same, work is never consistent but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I wake up and love what i do. I also have a lot of support from my family, they’re awesome.

KC: You seem to have it all, but I am sure it hasn’t all be easy, have you ever wanted to give up, or faced a giant rejection?

CG: I definitely am thankful for what I do have. This industry involves A LOT of rejection and I definitely have looked in the mirror and asked myself what in God’s name am I doing out here…but I snap myself out of it and think if you just remain who you truly are at heart and keep a tough skin you’ll do just fine.

KC: What is the BEAT?

CG: The BEAT is a dance convention I started! I am SO excited about it. Dance professionals who have inspired me are uniting with THE BEAT to work with dancers young and old who share our passion. I grew up in a studio where my teachers made us feel like we were home and that is exactly what I want to create. We’re going to three different cities this year…New York, January 20-22, Orlando, FL February 17-19 and Dallas, TX March 16-18, each held at the Hyatt. Check out the website! for more!

KC: Why did you want to start it?

CG: I started the BEAT to share. Dance has been part of my life forever and I wanted to bring the people that have inspired me on board to share. I have an incredible line-up of teachers excited to teach at the BEAT like Stephen tWitch Boss, Allison Holker, Laura Edwards, Ade Obayami, William Wingfield and Monique Borromeo; whose resumes include things like SYTYCD, Step up 3D, Britney Spears Tour, Glee Tour, performances with artists like Rihanna, Beyonce and more!

KC: What makes it different than the 100 other dance workshops?

CG: I can guarantee that a weekend at THE BEAT will be filled with classes that include love and gratitude for dance. the BEAT will be giving out scholarships to the Hollywood Summer Tour which is a dance career intensive that takes place in the summer and includes things like a dance agency showcase, SYTYCD taping, classes at LA’s best studios, experience on a professional set and more. We also will be giving away scholarships to the next season of the BEAT, there will be contests and prizes and a Luau after classes on Saturday, along with a complimentary pilates or yoga class for the parents. There is also a free observation fee for anyone who accompanies a child! the BEAT has also teamed up with The Dancer’s Care Foundation, a charity which raises money to go towards research for the cure for cancer. We will be selling products with cliche’ cosmetics and 100% of proceeds will go towards the cure.

KC: Did you read the NY times article about the NY dancers basically saying that the SYTYCD dancers would never hold up in NYC? You’ve been both- so what is your take on it?

CG: I think the person that was quoted in that article is pretty ignorant. It all depends on the type of dancer they’re speaking of, if they’re talking about someone who works more in film and tv then no, they aren’t going to work in NY as much because there isn’t that kind of opportunity in NY as there is in LA. Someone who is more Broadway based or technically trained would do fantastic in NY because those are the kind of work opportunities that present itself. The kind of work ethic it takes to be apart of SYTYCD they do not show on television, they show the routine and the hour they get to film in rehearsal….not the hours upon hours we rehearse when the cameras are off. I’m from NY, I know what it takes. Bottom line, in this industry you need to be a hustler whether you’re in NY or LA and if I recall, the SYTYCD tour sold out Radio City Music Hall last year….I say SYTYCD is holding up in NY just fine.

KC: I heard you are doing some acting now. Tell us about it?

CG: It’s not good enough to be great in one thing anymore, you have to be trained in other things so I have been taking acting class. I love it!

KC: There has been rumors on twitter that you have recently landed a reoccurring role on Glee, is it true?

CG: It is true, I got a small speaking role on Glee! I don’t think I’m allowed to say what exactly it is but I can tell you I am excited about it!

KC: What is your favorite glam product you use?

CG: You’re going to laugh but my favorite “glam product” if you even want to call it that…is aquaphor! $4.99! With all the traveling, I always try and stay moisturized, I use aquaphor on my body, under my eyes and on my lips!

KC: What is you favorite band?

CG: My favorite band is The Script. I love them! When I was on the Glee tour, they were touring at the same time and I kept missing there performances by one week! The lyrics to all of their songs are awesome.

KC: Who is one artist you haven’t worked with yet, that you want to?

CG: I’d love to dance for Rihanna or Beyonce they’re incredible and their music is incredible but they are so tall! Usually artists who are tall don’t hire small dancers…and I’m 5’1…but hey! good things come in small packages right!?

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