Where the Stars of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Are Now

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Rocky Horror Picture show is a cult film, dated back to 1975. There are some locations in the U.S. where theaters will actually perform ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in front of the screen while the screen is playing. In Cincinnati, Ohio, that group is called ‘The Denton Affair‘. They pay homage to the cast of Rocky Horror who are now hiding in the shadows of the wacky film or who have become major actors/actresses today. Read where the stars of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ are now!

Tim Curry who portrayed Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Tim Curry, one of the most versatile actors of today, played Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a scientist, in Rocky Horror when he was just twenty nine. He paraded around in women’s clothing in the film and actually pulled off the look better than some chicks! So where is Tim Curry today? Well, where isn’t he? Since Rocky Horror Tim Curry has been in 100+ movies!

I’m obviously not going to name them all, but here are some movies from his career since Rocky Horror:

Three Men in a Boat, 1975. The Shout, 1978. Life of Shakespeare, 1978. Times Square, 1980. Oliver Twist, 1982. Annie, 1982. The Ploughman’s Lunch, 1983. Legend, 1985. Clue, 1985. The Worst Witch, 1986. Pass the Ammo, 1988. Paddington Bear, 1989. It, 1990. Peter Pan and the Pirates, 1991. Passed Away, 1992. Loaded Weapon, 1993. The Shadow, 1994. Daisy-Head Maize, 1995. Bruno: The Kid, 1996. A Christmas Carol, 1997. Addams Family Reunion, 1998. Pirates of the Plain, 1999. Lion of Oz, 2000. Atilla, 2001. Ritual, 2002. The Proud Family, 2003. Kinsey, 2003. Bailey’s Billions, 2005. Once Upon a Christmas Village, 2007. The Secret of Moonacre, 2008. Brutal Legend, 2009. Burke and Hare, 2010. Strange Frame: Love & Sax, 2011.

Susan Sarandon who portrayed Janet Weiss

Just like Tim Curry, Susan’s career took off after Rocky Horror. She has been in many movies since 1975 and is continuing to star in them whether she is just singing or acting. This talented woman is as gorgeous as ever and is proud of the fact she was in Rocky! Go Susan!

Since Rocky Horror, Susan has been in:

Dragonfly, 1976. The Great Smokey Roadblock, 1977. King of the Gypsies, 1978. Something Short of Paradise, 1979. Atlantic City, 1980. Tempest, 1982. The Hunger, 1983. The Buddy System, 1984. Mussolini and I, 1985. Women of Valor, 1986. The Witches of Eastwick, 1987. Sweet Hearts Dance, 1988. The January Man, 1989. White Palace, 1990. Thelma & Louise, 1991. Light Sleeper, 1992. School of American Assassins, 1994. Dead Man Walking, 1995. James and the Giant Peach, 1996. Twilight, 1998. Anywhere But Here, 1999. Joe Gould’s Secret, 2000. Cats & Dogs, 2001. Moonlight Mile, 2002. Ice Bound, 2003. Noel, 2004. Elizabethtown, 2005. Bernard and Doris, 2006. Mr. Woodcock, 2007. Speed Race, 2008. Solitary Man, 2009. You Don’t Know Jack, 2010. Fight For Your Right Revised, 2011.

Barry Bostwick who portrayed Brad Majors

Even though Barry isn’t a household name like Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon, he has been in a ton of movies since his Rocky Horror days! He mainly works in television shows or television movies nowadays.

Since Rocky Horror, Barry has been in:

The Quinns, 1977. Movie Movie, 1978. Murder by Natural Causes, 1979. Once Upon a Family, 1980. Foul Play, 1981. Megaforce, 1982. Summergirl, 1983. George Washington, 1984. Deceptions, 1985. Betrayed by Innocence, 1986. Body of Evidence, 1988. Parent Trap 3, 1989. The Great Air Race, 1990. Captive, 1991. Russian Holiday, 1992. Praying Mantis, 1993. Project: Metalbeast, 1995. Spy Hard, 1996. Lexx, 1997. Men in White, 1998. Beggars and Choosers, 1999. 919 Fifth Avenue, 2000. The Afterlife, 2003. The Skulls 3, 2004. Spymate, 2006. Hannah Montana: The Movie, 2009. Secrets of the Mountain, 2010. The Selling, 2011.

Richard O’Brien who portrayed Riff Raff

Who could forget the creepy Riff Raff? Who could forget the man who actually wrote the story for Rocky Horror in six months? Well Richard is still working and his filmography might shock you!

Since Rocky Horror, Richard has been in:

The Contraption, 1977. Jubilee, 1978. Flash Gordon, 1980. Digital Dreams, 1983. Revolution, 1985. Robin Hood, 1986. Mystery Train, 1991. The Ink Thief, 1994. Dark City, 1998. The Mumbo Jumbo, 2000. Elvira’s Haunted Hills, 2001. The Ten Commandments, 2006. Night Train, 2009. Jackboots on Whitewall, 2010. Phineas and Ferb the Movie, 2011.

Patricia Quinn who portrayed Magenta

Quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time, Patricia played the eerie domestic Magenta. Without the heavy eyeliner and long, bushy hair, you can hardly recognize her! After Rocky she continued to act mainly in TV movies, and TV series like her co-star Barry.

Since Rocky Horror, Patricia has been in:

Well Anyway, 1976. Leap in the Dark, 1977. The Professionals, 1978. Premiere, 1979. Tales of the Unexpected, 1980. Shock Treatment, 1981. The Box of Delights, 1984. Lost Empires, 1986. Doctor Who, 1987. The Countless Alice, 1993. England, My England, 1995. Tamara Drewe, 2010.

Nell Campbell who portrayed Columbia

Still redheaded and smiling, Nell continues to act, although not as much as her co-stars. She opened up her own night club in 1987 which is still running (I think). She is writer for Talk Magazine and is/used to be a dancer! She can do so many things it’s scary!

Since Rocky Horror, Nell has been in:

Alfie Darling, 1976. Journey Among Women, 1977. Jubilee, 1978. Shoestring, 1979. Pink Floyd The Wall, 1982. Dead on Time, 1983. The Killing Fields, 1984. Great Expectations, 1998. Intern, 2000. Rake, 2010.

Peter Hinwood who portrayed Rocky Horror

The photo above is eleven years old due to the fact Peter has stayed out of the spotlight. He blames Rocky Horror, where he stared Frank-N-Furter’s creation, for the end of his acting career. He quit acting and is currently working in an antique shop! If you ask him about the film he gets angry! So whatever you do if you walk into his shop, don’t ask about the time warp.

Since Rocky Horror, Peter has been in:

Sebastiane, 1976.

Meat Loaf who portrayed Eddie

Who can forget the lovable Eddie? He rode a motorcycle, played sax, and died horrifically in the film?! Since his part in the film, he hasn’t stopped acting or singing! He is actually on tour currently so if you’re a Meat Loaf fan go see him!

Since Rocky Horror, Meat Loaf has been in:

Scavenger Hunt, 1979. Roadie, 1980. Strike Force, 1982. Rebellious Jukebox, 1983. Out of Bounds, 1986. Medium Rare, 1987. Monsters, 1988. Motorama, 1991. Wayne’s World, 1992. Psyched For Snuppa, 1993. To Catch a Yeti, 1995. Spice World, 1997. The Mighty, 1998. Fight Club, 1999. From Spam to Sperm, 2000. Rustin, 2001. The Car Kid, 2002. Learning Cuves, 2003. A Hole in One, 2004. Extreme Dating, 2005. The Pleasure Drivers, 2006. Urban Decay, 2007. Burning Bright, 2010.

Are you shocked as to where the stars of Rocky Horror Picture Show Ended up? What is your favorite part of the movie?

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