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Finally I have a little bit of free time to upload this photo gallery about my cruise.

On Monday I come back home and I already miss it! But, I always have 450 photos to can see everytime I want and remind all the places I visited and can’t wait to come back on cruise again 😉

Of course I can’t uplaod 450 photos because I could annoy you or you couldn’t to be interested to all the shots, so I decided to uplod only 133 xD they are a lot, I know, but I was on holiday for 12 days and I think it’s the right number for you to know where I’ve been and to show you all the places in a gallery

Weather was really really hot even though in Italy it wasn’t! There were something like 40°C and a lot of humidity, luckily sometimes a little bit of wind tried to refresh us, I also had a little bit of problems with my stomach but doesn’t matter, I have to live with this problem and I try to don’t think about it!

I didn’t visit all the places in the tour because I’ve already been in a couple of them, so in part I went down alone with my parents and touring alone and bought a lot of souvenirs and sent a lot of postcards xD otherwise we stayed on the cruise and swam in the pool 😉

My trip:

Departure: Savona (Italy)

Civitavecchia/Rome (Italy)

At sea

Pireus/Athens/Corinth (Greece)

Rhodes (Greece)

Cyprus/Paphos (Greece)

Alanya (Turkey)

Marmaris/Caunos (Turkey)

Santorini (Greece)

Katakolon (Greece)

At sea

Arrival: Savona (Italy)

All the pics have been shot by my dad with a NIKON EOS 400 DIGITAL

I hope you like my gallery and I wish you great holidays!

Have you ever been in cruise?