Smarty the Dinosaur came to babysit the Kids, JD, Jess, Ben and Baby Boo before the wedding. He has to take care of them since the kids can’t be at the wedding. He decided to read them about Sam the Snail 😀

The Trail of Sam the Snail 😀

Sam the Snail makes beautiful trails. Let’s follow him !!!! Sam makes circles on the fence and his slippery slime shines rainbow colors in the bright sunlight. Sam weaves his way along the path, winding around plants and pebbles and gliding across crackes in the stones. Sometimes, Sam wobbles along the clothes line and then slides down the pole to snack on the dandelion leaves. At night when your sleeping, Sam loves to slime the windows on the greenhouse. He glides up and down in the moonlight making patterns that sparkle like stars. Sam’s favorite place to slime is in the pumpkin patch. There he glides across the shiny pumpkins to have dinner with Miss S Cargo !!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the story about Sam the Snail just like the Kids enjoyed it 😀