Skylar Grey Rocks the Vote, Hates the City, and Talks About Writing for Rihanna

Skylar Grey has enjoyed a successful whirlwind of fame in the past year that has launched her song, “Love the Way You Lie” to the top of the charts when Rihanna recorded it with Eminem in 2010. Since, she has gone to record the melodic chorus in “I Need a Doctor” with Eminem and rap legend Dr. Dre – she even performed the song in front of millions at the 2010 Grammys.

At Lollapalooza 2011, she brought her own music, without big named headliners to the stage. Despite all the recognition she has enjoyed as a result of working with stars like Rihanna and Eminem, she claims:

“I’m never satisfied. I always need to keep pushing harder… Even if I sold, like, 25 million albums, I would still feel like, ‘What else can I do?'”

Check out the interview here:

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