Should Darren Criss Star in a Film By ‘Glee’ Basher?

Be careful what you say and who you insult: it just may come back to bite you in the end! A few months ago, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted about a particular hit Fox TV show, saying some rather insulting things.

“I like the idea of ‘Glee’ but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve stepped into a puddle of HIV?”


Bret might want to make amends for that statement, especially since he just may be working with one of Glee‘s most beloved stars, Darren Criss! Apparently Darren may probably star in the 2012 flick Downers Grove, which (ironically) Bret is writing, reports Entertainment Weekly. Looks like Bret is trying to take back those words, because he tweeted the following this past weekend:

“Whatever my problems with Glee have nothing to do with the incredibly talented cast itself. Have tastelessly bashed the show not the actors.”

He also added:

Downers Grove is an adaptation of Michael Hornburg’s 2001 novel about a high school coping with a curse, in which every year a member of the senior class dies in a bizarre manner. Sounds pretty scary!

The upcoming film already boasts stars, including Hayden Panettiere, Lucy Hale, and Nikki Reed. It has not been confirmed whether Darren will be starring in the movie or not.

Would you like to see Darren Criss in a scary movie? Do you think Darren should work with Bret Easton Ellis after what he said?