Question of the Day: What Do You Want For Lunch?

I have no idea where this QOTD came from. Maybe it came from my stomach or something. I wanted to do something about horrible school lunches but I suppose we can save that for “Back to School Week.” If you think about it, that time is almost upon us, so we will be getting to it shortly.

Here is some lunch for you to look at as you think about what makes a bad ass lunch:

Candle likes crisps and samminches, and so do I. So do I.

If I could eat that samminch, I would do it like so:

om nom nom it’s Shark Week!

Anyway, that’s all I got. I am going to stare at the bag of trail mix that I have and pretend it is something tasty.

Mmm trail mix :p

What do you want for lunch?