Question of the Day: What Slang Words Gets On Your Nerves?

Slang words are weird. They are like the memes of whichever language you speak. I am totally out of it when it comes to cool words that people use these days because I am a hermit.

The word “SWAG” bothers me. I always think of this:

Stuff We All Get

But I think that everyone means this:

You know, like “swagger” or w/e. Plz enjoy Matt Smith being a boss.

One time, when I was on the bus, this guy asked me if I thought that my tattoos were “hard.” I touched them and said, “not really” and he laughed. Then he explained that when people asked used “hard” in that context, that it meant something like “badass.” IDEGI. W/E.

What slang words get on your nerves?