Patrick Stump Re-Releases “This City” Featuring Lupe Fiasco – For Free!

If you were too tight to pay $1.29 for Patrick Stump’s debut single “This City”, your stinginess has been rewarded as you now don’t have to stump up a single cent (pun intended) for downloading this track – 100% legally. Why is this? Because it’s been chosen as iTunes free single of the week so you can get your virtual grubby mits on it here for absolutely nothing, no strings attached!

If you’re like me and live outside the US, sadly you won’t be able to make the most of this freebie. In fact even if you were willing to pay (which I am of course), you still can’t download it as it’s currently a US exclusive release – boo! However wherever in the world you may be, you can still get Patrick Stump’s album version of “This City” (aka the version without any rapping) free from’s Lollapalooza mix here.

So just in case you needed reminding of what the hype is all about, listen below. Oh, and before you go all “Where’s the video???” on me, it still hasn’t been released but it’s going to be interesting and judging from not from these backstage videos (MTV and Cambio Connect), it’s not exactly what we’d expected when details first emerged . So until the video is finally released to us, we’ll just have to keep it audio-only. Enjoy the (free) music!

Does it sound even better free?

Have you been lucky enough to win tickets to see Patrick Stump sing “This City” live for free?