Outside Lands 2011: The Sunday Playlist

I am assuming that Sunday will be a day of mixed feelings. While there are some awesome acts that shall grace the stages at Outside Lands, it is also the last day. The gourmet food party that just so happens to have music shall soon be over, but not without a fight (or a decent tune, mind you). Let’s take a look at some of the acts that will closing out the 3 day fest in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park:

Holy carps what the heck is this madness? These dudes rock!

This sounds like magic and they are playing a CAVE. Take that, everything! These dudes can play their instruments like no one’s business and I can’t even wait (even though I clearly have to).

If you like bands that regale you with stories that are set to amazing music, Beirut is definitely a band to check out.


Listening to Julieta Venegas makes me feel like eating ice cream in front of a mirror as I comb my hair and tell myself that I am pretty. I want to take a bubble bath now.

I’ve already gushed all over about Little Dragon, so I will tell you again how much I love them: A LOT. Also, there are shadow puppets in this video and its magical and makes you feel good. Listen to it.

I’m not really sure what to expect from Major Lazer but I hear they put on one helluva show, so I am ready to party. Their videos are pretty amazebawls, so hopefully their live show is just as bonkers. i mean, WTF is going on in that video? Thanks, Eric Wareheim for the party in my eyeballs.

So I have really conflicted feelings about Deadmau5. While I cannot deny my body and it’s need of moving to the o0nTz o0nTz o0nTz o0nTz o0nTz sounds that he crafts, I have basically decided that he is the progenitor of Adult Contemporary Abi-lectro Prog House etc etc. I imaging that in 10 years or so, his music will be mixed on CD’s to put the babies of ex ravers to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a man in a mouse costume, I’m just sayin. I’d rather have Deadmau5 close out the show than Arcade Fire because at least you can dance your way out of the gates instead of falling asleep in place as confetti or whatever falls around you because Arcade Fire is spicing it up over at their area.

In closing, I predict good times to be had, as well as multiple trouble makings. If all goes according to plan, i will be gain 10 pounds due to the plethora of delicious treats to eat and then dance it all off by the end of the night.

San Francisco, here I come!

Which bands do you want to see on Sunday at Outside Lands?