Outside Lands 2011: The Saturday Playlist

Saturday at this year’s Outside Lands is going to be a hoot and a holler. There are lots bands and Muse. I’ve seen Muse before and they pretty much are the best live. Rather go on about Muse, here is a handy playlist of bands and such for you to check out from the line up at Outside Lands for Saturday.

Photo: SimpleKindOfLovely

Muse is the mega giant act for Saturday and I am okay with that. Sadly, the label for Muse is a bunch of fascists and no one can embed their video for “Undisclosed Desires.” This song is so good. I don’t care what anyone says about that album by Muse, it’s still awesome.

This video makes me uncomfortable and it makes me want ranch dressing.

Can we talk about how this video is all about BSG and how it was shot in the gay club down the street from my work? Who knew dudes that were really into BSG could kick so much ass? WHO KNEW?

I have never seen OK GO ever, but I have seen their videos and been all:

So hopefully this band rocks live and stuff or I will be eternally sad and walk home like Charlie Brown. Oh and I hope they bring that goose, too.

Speaking of being on drukqs:


and for your viewing pleasure:

Also playing on Saturday is Sia, but I don’t want to post any of her videos that make me feel like curling into a ball. I’ll just post this one instead:

Saturday looks like it’s going to be hella fun, right? Hopefully I’ll make some friends that feed me funny tasting brownies and wake up in a forest, wrapped in multi colored Saran Wrap, laying on a bed of crushed velvet that has more sequins than a craft-ernooning party.

Who do you want to see on Saturday at Outside Lands?