Outside Lands 2011: The Friday Playlist

Starting this Friday, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will be Ground Zero for what I can only gather as Hippie Fest 2011. Actually, that isn’t totally true but it also isn’t that far from the truth. The line up for this years Outside Lands is very Phish-y, yet well balanced with enough mainstream acts to draw a mix of music lovers from all the many aisles of the record store. In short, it’s going to be amazing and interesting and you are going to be jealous.

Since there are many bands that will taking the various stages at the fests this year, I have come up with day by day playlists with some acts that have caught my eye. This is a wish list of bands that hopefully I’ll be able to check out. Granted, Outside Lands is full of plenty of distractions, so we’ll see what I manage to get around to doing.

Here we go!

I’m sorry but I must check this band out. There is a cat on their album cover. Oh and they don’t sound too bad, either.

Guns + Horses and Ellie’s soothing voice. I wish I had a toy soldier outfit to dress up in as I watched her play. I’m sure I can find one in time, right?

I don’t know how this song makes me feel. All I know is that it is has undone all the therapy I have undergone to suppress my feelings and dance in public.

Look how Burning Man Mizz Erykah is in this video. I wonder if they will let me lay on a blanket in the photo pit when she is playing as I eat a burrito from one of the many food vendors at the fest.

I don’t even know what’s going on with this group. Mostly, it sounds like high school but really pretty. That doesn’t even make sense. Oh well. Dill with it.

Just do yourself a favor and go to 1:44 in this video. It’s pretty much going to be me, all weekend, and I don’t even care.

Check out the full line up for Outside Lands here. If you’re going, don’t say hi or anything to me because I will probably ignore you and pretend my name is Douglas or something. I’m kidding.

Who do you want to see at Outside Lands this year?