It’s Only Rock & Roll

photos julia arielle cox; clothing beauty is pain; makeup lisa noccera

I have been working like a dog since I got to Los Angeles, sorry for lack of personal updates! I have been getting so much done I feel like im making leaps and bounds, thats such a great feeling. If there is one thing I have learned in this industry is you have to be a strong women to be taken serious. I don’t like being rude or mean but everytime Im nice nothing gets done. Sometimes you have to take charge and make things happen on your own.

Some people may grow and change but it doesnt mean they will ever acquire class. My biggest turn off ever is arrogance, I wish I could serve up some humble pie to those in need.

This week holds lots of styling, events, filming, photos and meetings. Its going to feel good to go back to NYC but I can’t lie, I do miss the palm tree’s.

My current obssesions: San Pellegrino grapefruit soda, fuji polaroid film, taco trucks at midnight, cotton candy sunsets, glitter gel nails, vintage sunglasses, clip on earrings, palm tree’s & vegan chocolate hazelnut spread.