News About Ke$ha’s Upcoming Collaborations! Er, II Mean “New$ About Ke$ha’$ Up¢oming ¢ollaboration$”

Awhile ago we saw this awesome video of Ke$ha onstage with Alice Cooper singing his hit “School’s Out For Summer.” Well, apparently that isn’t the planned end for the pair’s collaboration: Ke$ha will be appearing on Cooper’s upcoming Welcome 2 My Nightmare.

Now, before you start flipping out (because I know some of you are going to), Alice Cooper said that Ke$ha‘s lyrics were “wicked,” and that “we had to reign her in.” He also said that artists tend to be pigeon holed and it’s not fair. His words? “that doesn’t mean that’s what they are; give people a little room.”

Well, I’m willing to give Ke$ha room to work, certainly…and it sounds like she may have another shot. Because Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, since being informed that Ke$ha is a big fan, said “…I will get someone to give me her number and call her, and I’ll suggest that we do something together.”

Ke$ha’s response to this news? “The Flaming f—ing Lips?? Call Me.”

Who else do you think Ke$ha should collaborate with?