New Kooks Lyric Video for ‘Is It Me’

On September 4th the loves of my life, boy crushes + rock n’ roll skinny jean wearing gods, The KOOKS are putting out their new record “Junk Of The Heart.” You can pre-order it here!! I saw them play roughly half of the record last month in LA and it is just the best thing since… the last Kooks record.

They put out a lyric video for “Is It Me” this week and I have been swooning over it since I first saw it. I am pretty sure the The Kooks are about to be MASSIVE in the USA and we will be some of the “first” fan who knew them “back when.” Except, we don’t know them, we just dream of knowing them.

Also, Kook boys, it’s not you, it’s me. You are perfect and it’s all my fault. Just sayin’.