Nero Talks New Album, Dubstep in the US and Crazy Rave Fans (VIDEO)

I was so excited to get the chance to interview Dan Stephens of dubstep duo Nero at Hard Summer a couple weeks ago. I caught him right before he headed on stage to perform to a sold-out festival crowd – seriously, the audience was packed! The producer rocked the decks while bandmate Joe Ray hit up the mic as MC for the night. For the past seven years, they’ve been at the forefront of the historic London dubstep scene, and just released their first full-length album, Welcome Reality, on Monday.

Check out the interview, where Dan spills the deets on the album, talks American dubstep and explains the roll of the modern “rave” in electronic music culture.

Like what you heard? Find more of Nero on their official site, YouTube channel, Facebook page and on Myspace.

How do you feel about dubstep? Will you be picking up ‘Welcome Reality’?

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