Mikey and Gerard Way Working on a Comic For DC

It’s not a secret that the Brothers Way love comic books. Not only are Mikey and Gerard comic fans, but both of them have had the opportunity to write comics in the past. Gerard, of course, is the writer and creator of the Eisner Award Winning series The Umbrella Academy and Mikey had the opportunity to contribute a short Batman story to the DC Halloween Special in 2008.

However, now Mikey has announced that he and Gerard are working on a comic project together…and for DC Comics.

In an interview with Absolute Punk:

Actually, me and G are working on something for DC [Comics] right now. It would have been out quite a time ago, but we had some stuff come up that we had to take care of so it got pushed back. We’re in the thick of it now. We’re planning and plotting and coming up with designs and sketches. There should be some kind of announcement very soon.

Now the question becomes if the boys will be doing something with an established DC character or if this will be something of their own creation entirely.

Mikey also confirmed that the band is working on material for a new album and says they will end up “recording sooner than later and putting something out.” But don’t worry, there won’t be another long wait between albums. “We’re in a real prolific spot creatively, and we want to harness it. We want to come out with something soon and not leave a giant gap between albums.”

Are you excited about the prospect of the Ways working on a comic together?