Make Up Artist Profile: Francois Nars

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For those of you who don’t know Francois Nars, he is the man behind the iconic make up brand NARS. The brand’s rich color pallete and willingess to embrace all kinds of beauty have helped change industry standards. While he embraces women of all races and sizes, the names of some of his most beloved products are very tongue-in-cheek with names like “Orgasm,” “Deep Throat,” “Striptease,” “Pillow Talk,” “Jezebel” and “Super Orgasm” to name a few. I love NARS and I think the man is a genius on so many levels. And while the products tend to be a little steep in price, they are worth the investment.

“Every woman can define her own style and simply be herself. I believe that truly modern make-up should enhance a woman’s natural look without ever dominating or masking her own beauty and personality. I’ve always believed in keeping make up simple. But simple does not mean boring. Simple is for every woman who knows she can look both real and sexy at the same time”

– François Nars

Designer Marc Jacobs wearing NARS makeup

portrait of Francois NARS

Have you tried any NARS products, if so what is your favorite?