Local Natives Talk Presidential Policy and Pizza for All!

Hailing from Silverlake, California, Local Natives is exploding from the Los Angeles music scene. Recently, the band took a minute to sit down with Buzznet and Rock the Vote to talk about the highlights of their career thus far and some important political matters.

Local Natives talk their Disney Hall performance and why they’d love to bring an orchestra on the road with them. They discuss opening for musical inspiration Arcade Fire and delve into political matters, including changes they’d make as President and bipartisan issues. Oh, and they may mention some sort of infinite pizza for all program…we are so in!

Check out the video below!

Local Natives recently rocked Lollapalooza, playing to one of their largest crowds to date. Currently the band is working on completing their second full length album in a newly built studio.

What member of Local Natives would you vote for President?


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