Lisa Kudrow Gives ‘Web Therapy’ on Showtime

Lisa Kudrow stars in Showtime’s Web Therapy and let me just say that this is one of the funniest shows on Showtime. The plot of the show is that Lisa Kudrow, a terrible therapist, wants to change the world of therapy by eliminating “boring” 50 minute sessions with a 3 minute web session. The result of which makes a hilarious comedy!

Quote for the screenshot below: “Nothing you’ve said in your fifty-minute sessions has ever even been slightly interesting… until this!”

Watch this clip and see for yourself what these 3 minute sessions are all about… And this is what the show looks like: a computer screen!

Watch Web Therapy on Showtime, Tuesdays at 11pm ET/PT. The show aired on July 19th and is five episodes in. Unfortunately, it’s not gathering a huge following and we can ot let this show get canceled, like other genius shows… aka Arrested Development.

Do you watch ‘Web Therapy’?

Who are your favorite clients that Lisa Kudrow has on the show?