Life Lessons With Adventure Time: Episode 2 – Prisoners of Love

Welcome to this installment of Adventure Time Tuesday! It has been a long time since I have done one of these posts but that’s okay, right? I mean, better late than never. Hopefully I will post a new Life Lessons With Adventure Time until I catch up with the series. Once that happens, I’ll probably cry a lot and lock myself in my apartment or something.

I am going to just go ahead and say that going to Comic Con sparked my interest in doing these blogs again. Not only was there an Adventure Time parade but I also went to the Adventure Time Beach Soiree as well. It was too dark to take pictures there but it was still awesome. There was this dude that showed up out of nowhere with tiny dogs that had raver lights on them and since I am attracted to anything that blinks, I got mega excited and well, yeah.

Anyways, I shall now blame my iTunes season pass being eaten by my computer for this lapse in posting Adventure Time parties. Finally, all has been restored and we can move on with our lives.

That being said, let’s get to it!

~ Prisoners of Love ~

In this episode of Adventure Time, Jake and Finn must rescue some Princess Ladies from the Ice King. This is the first time that we meet the Ice King. We’ll get to that in a second. First, I will like to show you how the episode starts:

This is Jake and Finn sledding in the Ice Kingdom. We then meet this dude:

And then this happens:

That’s cool though. Nothing to lose one’s head about (omg just shoot me). If this happens, you can just do this:

That’s right. This character just built themselves a new head. Not just any head, A CAT HEAD. YES!

Anyway, once Finn and Jake crash land from the sledding adventures, they run into the Ice King. The Ice King gets all upset because Finn and Jake have trespassed into the Ice Kingdom. Anger ensues:

The Ice King turns Jake and Finn into a block of ice:

and transports them back to his castle IN A WHEELBARROW. We then see that he has a cell full of the Adventure Time princess ladies:

Emerald, Ghost, Wildberry, Hot Dog, Slime, Raggedy, Lumpy Space – Pricesses, of course.

We find out that the Ice King has then kept all of the princesses in this cell for weeks as he asked about their various habits. He does this so he can find out which one that he wants to marry. Turns out that the Ice King is very boring and well, being kept in a cage really isn’t the best way to make someone fall in love with you.

In an attempt to show everyone how fun he is, the Ice King brings out his Fun Tray:

I mean really now.

We also find out that Ice King can play a vast array of instruments:


As everyone rocks out, Finn comes up with a plan to lure the Ice King into the cell so that he can strong arm him into letting everyone free. They have to do this because Jake was frozen after he tried to set everyone free with his “key hand.” In case you forgot, Jake can pretty much turn into anything.

Once the Ice King goes into the cell, Finn gives him a wallop:

More fighting happens and the Ice King goes off to meet Cosmic Owl. It is during this time that the Ice King ponders:

Cosmic Owl replies:

After the Ice King comes to, his friends are there for him:

Oh and everyone is free. On the ride home, Slime Princess reveals that she wants to marry Finn:

Jake says that this is probably a bad idea because Finn pee’s his pants all the time.


Awesome word count:

0 Algebraic’s0 HamaCow’s1 Mathmatical

Weird stuff:

The Ice King likes trail mix (but not almonds)The Ice King has a bad back. The Ice King can play many instruments.

What did we learn?

1. Be careful when you go sledding. 2. Don’t go places you aren’t supposed to or you might get turned into a block of ice.3. If something happens to upset you, chill out (even if you are the Ice King).4. Don’t kidnap people, it’s creepy and it sucks. 6. Don’t force things to happen (or else you’ll be knocked out and an owl will call you a sociopath).5. And, as always, dancing is cool (even if it’s only to lure creepy people into a cage to knock them out):

See you next week!