Life Lessons With Adventure Time: The Enchiridion!

Rather than get into an entire review of this spisode, I kind of just want to get right into the Life Lessons With Adventure Time portion of this “review series.” I’ll give you the gist of the episode and then it’s up to you to watch it. If you can’t watch it, you can succumb to the wisdom that this show brings via mine interpretations. This is pretty much just a giant hug party with rainbows and cupcakes and baby hedgehogs.

Mega skurrrry title card from the AT Wiki Site

The review will be simple, like so:

Princess Bubblegum gives Finn the Human a taskvaliant Finn wins

Well, that’s pretty much the basics. Princess Bubblegum gives Finn a task to find a book called “The Enchiridion.” Legend says that only those that rae honorable and junk can solve all the puzzles and trails that lead to the book being theirs.

Are you ready for some knowledge? Let’s go!

Don’t show off at parties. People get hurt. Mostly that’s just you and then stuff breaks.

Oh and princess’ fall out of their towers:

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, like Key-pers of gates and such, be prepared to use your head to solve the problem:

Like so:

Let out your ingenuity. It’s awesome.

Helping people is always nice. You should always want to help people:

It’s really cool when they give you hugs and stuff:

The thing about helping people is that you should always assess the situation first. Sometimes people that you help are actually just big meanies and they want to hurt other people, so never let your guard down. They just might end up hurting old ladies. Please enjoy the following gif I made:

That’s not very nice. Way to go, Gnomes.

Always remember to say “thank you,” lest you summon the fury of Jake the Dog:

This is probably the most important thing:

Finn is feeling all sad because the gnomes he saved blew up the old ladies. He wasn’t feeling to righteous, he was feeling wrongteous. Jake reminded him that it wasn’t his fault and that pretty much THIS WAS ALL TEST to see what a good person he was. Life is just a test to see if we can be good people, no matter the situation.

Always be ready to help your friends out, even if that means kicking a thing that looks like a giant Babycakes in the nards:

That Ogre ate Jake, BTW

jake is free!

Always make things right:

Finn gave the Ogre back it’s dollar after he took it, made a glider out of it, and kicked the Ogre in the nards. Always put things back where they belong, kids.

Always do what you feel is right.

If this creepy thing wants you do something mean to something that is nice and you don’t want to, DON’T DO IT!

That creepy thingy wanted Finn to kill the ant. Finn didn’t want to because Finn doesn’t hurt things that don’t deserve it. Always stick to your principles!

Here’s some other people we met in this episode:

The Key-per in its pijamas:


And here’s the snail:

That’s all! Hope you learned many great things from this episode of Adventure Time! See ya!