Kat Von D and Jesse James’ Romance to Be Aired on ‘L.A. Ink’

They may have broken up, but Kat Von D and Jesse James‘ love story still lives on – because the cameras captured it! It’s been reported that Kat, who famously walked out before her interview on Good Day LA last week, wants their fairy tale romance to live on through her reality show L.A. Ink.

The show’s executive producer Gil Lopez told PEOPLE that audiences will get to see their relationship from the beginning to the end, saying:

Kat wants to show that this was a fairy tale and that she was truly in love. Unfortunately, [the split] happened, but there have been no re-edits.”

“We had access to this relationship. We stayed on [Jesse’s] property. We were in Baja with them and we got it all and show that that they were truly in love. We’re going to hear how that romance started, how he proposed to her, and we’re going to hear how they got to the point where they are up to now.”

Kat may have cancelled her promo tour post-breakup, but she surely isn’t staying inside the house and moping! She tweeted an update this weekend:

Sounds like Kat is taking the breakup better than most would!

Do you think Kat is strong for letting the world see her now-ended relationship on national TV? If you were in her shoes, would you edit the relationship part off the show or would you do the same and leave it unedited?