Kardashians to Replace Beyonce in Performance of ‘Run the World’ at Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards are upon us and our beloved Beyonce is OUT. Queen B was set to perform her female empowerment anthem “Run the World (Girls)” – until a scheduling conflict put a wrench in the plan.

As usual, the Kardashians are here to save the day. The sisters Kardashian will perform a rendition entitled “Run the World (Kardashians).” With stores, clothing lines, fragrances, books and TV shows, those girls really do run the world.

With her song “Jam” Kim has experience as a singer, and is the next best curvaceous option after Beyonce. Also, remember when the Kardashian family all showed their chops while on vacation singing Katy Perry’s “E.T.“?

How do you feel about this last minute plan?

*Disclaimer: Beyonce isn’t even scheduled to perform! This story is meant to be a joke – and none of this is really happening. Tune in to the Teen Choice Awards to see what REALLY happens!