Happy Birthday My Sweet Fairy Hanna ♥

Hi my dear Hanna, this is a really special day for you, you turn 23. It seems yesterday when we knew eachother, I remember all your advices for the right gift for my BFF, and your sweetness. I never imagined to know you, it’s been a dream came true! I always loved you and admired you for who you are: a really special girl, so sweet, such smart and intelligent. A girl who puts in everything she does a lot of energies, a girl who loves the life and the people around her. It’s so rare to find people like you, Hanna, seriously! I hope one day to meet you and embrace you and say all these things looking in your beautiful eyes.You are a really special friend for me, you are more than a simple source of inspiration for me, you taught me a lot of good things that i will keep in my heart forever.Thanks so much for everything, I would like to be there with you in this special day, but I’m there with my heart and soul.Love you so much,your Irene (Mimi K)


ps: I hope you recieved my gifts xp