Guess What Adam Levine Nicknamed Me on The Voice?

I got to work for the NBC show The Voice for a couple weeks. Here is a video of the first performance I did with Cee Lo‘s country artist Curtis Grimes. He did a cover to Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’. I was excited to do a job with just 4 girls instead of a huge production so my mom could actually see me on TV – haha. It was my first live TV performance so I was a little bit nervous, but super stoked to be dancing in front of ADAM LEVINE.

During rehearsals, we were originally wearing skirts and he called me “cheeks” because my butt kept showing. Kinda embarrassing but super rad at the same time lol. Christina Applegate had a crazy hair do. She was going through it stylistically this season. As for my wardrobe I was wearing these sweet Jessica Simpson high-heeled cowboy boots, a red sparkly bra, a flannel, and some high-waisted jean shorts with a cowboy hat that weighed about 8 lbs.

Can’t wait to (hopefully!) work on Season 2!

Do you listen to country music?!