Getting Results: K is for Knowledge

Welcome to this installment of the Alphabet Assignment! Since last week was the letter ‘K,” I thought that it would be fun to see what you all knew. I don’t really know a whole lot, just a few things here and there (or it’s really outdated). Since the internet is basically the spilled horchata on the countertop of life, I like to think of my brain as the Brawny towels that clean it up. Hooray for passive learning!

Anyway, here are some of the things that you all know and decided to share with us on Buzznet:

SamanthaPaigeHoward – The Book of Secrets

NewAgeAmazon – Rough Draft

Meghan93 – The Lightbulb Goes Off

Check out what a smarty pants NinjaPaulaa is (go read her post):

Check out Jane! She mostly draws the best adventures ever:

Adani passes on to us the knowledge of the lines:

This is my entry. It’s about Super Mario Bros. Pretty much all I did as a small child was play video games so I know where all the secrets are in every Mario game ever. Check out this whistle I found:


ArtistJane knows lots about records:

Prague knows about BFF’s:

CocoWildFox knows who her enemies are 🙁

Chaka knows the secrets of the moon:

Oh and last week, Jenny posted this after I made the wrap up post. It’s her J is for Journey entry. She went to Chicago!

Thanks to everyone that played this week! Stay tuned for another letter that is coming up shortly! If you want to get in on the Photo of the Day party, join the group here.

Which photo is your favorite?