Flashback 2008 VMAs With The Cab, All Time Low & Boys Like Girls

It’s VMA season! I always look forward to watching the performances and seeing what crazy shit will happen. It’s never a dull award show, something always happens that worhty of being on the front page of OK magazine. I attended the VMA’s in 2008 with my boyfriend at the time. Paul Digiovanni. It was a pretty rad date for a girl who just moved to LA from a small town in Ohio a couple weeks prior. There I met his friends Alex and Jack from All Time Low, where they both wore white woman’s jeans . . I also remember watching The Jonas Brothers perform Love Bug in white suits. NEVER would I have thought I would be working with them or calling them family. Also, the picture with Paul, myself and Jack there is Ian from The Cab and Panic at the Disco. I never knew who this “random guy” was in this picture until one day I was going through old photos with Alex Deleon and he was like “Thats my guitar player!!” lol so random.

Here are some photos I dug up from this night! I look like a baby.