Fashion Inspiration: Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

With the next season of Doctor Who debuting on 27 August, I can’t help but get a little excited. Well, let’s just hope that it doesn’t get all like that one episode, The Idiot’s Lantern, because that would suck. Is mind control to enslave the masses via the television the ultimate goal of the BBC? OMG conspiracy!

Since it probably isn’t, let’s just do what we do best. Let us compile images from the internet so that you can have your very own snazzy outfit like Matt Smith!

The most difficult thing to find is the jacket. As revealed at Comic Con 2011, most of the 11th Doctor’s ensemble was his own. He is one sharp man, if I dare say. For a while, Matt Smith sported a Harris Tweed jacket, which was then swapped out for a different make and controversy ensued.

One of the best places to look for Doctor Who tweed jackets is e-Bay or you can mosey on over to this blog and have one of your very own tailored specifically for you:

The next thing we see are those bow ties. BOW TIES. These can be found all over, so they aren’t as difficult to wrangle:

Amazon – $1-5 USD

The Doctor’s braces:

^Burgundy Suspenders – $16.99 USD

The t shirt:

This is a Paul Smith shirt. With a few handy alterations, you can create your own Doctor Who shirt. These shirts are a tad pricey at about $320 USD for even the a plain white button up. I’m sure some sleuthing can land you a cheaper shirt. No worries for me, I make it rain:

not really 🙁


G Star RAW: $160 uSD

The Doctor’s boots:

Finding the Doctor’s boots is difficult because they aren’t being made anymore. If you need some alternatives, check this blog out.

For more comprehensive breakdowns of the Eleventh Doctor’s snazzy outfit, check out this LJ blog or this Blogspot blog.

Extra fun things:

Fez’s are cool:

$20 USD at Amazon

Sonic Screwdriver at ThinkGeek: $26 USD

That’s pretty much it! Compiling the Doctor’s outfit is so easy that even a baby can do it:

How are you getting ready for the Doctor Who season premiere?