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I know it’s been a lot of time from my last blog about Oops! I did it again album and I would apologize with all of you, but I hadn’t time to continue this project, I promise I will finish within October, for Britney 13th anniversary in the music world.

Now I would like to talk about her third album studio, Britney

– Released on: November 6, 2001

– Among the producers of the album also Justin Timberlake and Wade Robson (Britney’s dancer and choreographer)

– Turning point album: from innocent American dream to sexy and hot icon

– Britney co-wrote 6 songs of the album: Lonely, Anticipating, Cinderella, Let me be, That’s where you take me and Before the goodbye


– #1 in Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Austria

– Sales: 12,000,000 copies worldwide

– With this album Britney is the first female artist in music history to have the first three albums at #1

– The album had the best debut on 2001 for a female artist or a girl band, defeating Survivor of Destiny’s Child and All for you of Janet Jackson, record defeated of Britney self with “In The Zone” two year later

– With this album, Britney has been nominated at Grammy’s as “Pop Vocal Album” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance” for Overprotected

– The choice of the title “Britney” is because Britney said the most part of the songs of this album reflects herself

– In recording session, 23 songs has been produced, only 12 has been chosen for the tracklist of the USA album (13 for the European one, 14 for Latin America, UK and Australia one, 15 for the Italian one)

– What’s Like To Be Me has written by Justin Timberlake (where he sings too) and Wade Robson

– On July 4, 2008 Entertainment Weekly celebrated the best 100 movies, shows, albums, books from 1983 to 2008. In the category “Music Classical”, Britney is at #97 of the best 100 albums of the last 25 years

– In Japan, Mexico, Australia and Israel was released a special edition of the album with 3 bonus remixes and a DVD


Metacritc: 54/100

All Music: 4,5/5

I’m A Slave 4 U

I’m a slave for you.

I cannot hold it;

I cannot control it. I’m a slave for you.

I won’t deny it;

I’m not trying to hide it.

– Debuted: October 20, 2001

– Directed by: Francis Lawrence

– #1 single in Japan, Greece and Ireland

– TOP 10 in UK, Germany, Australia and France

– Performed Live at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC featuring a large albino snake draped over her shoulders

– Single considered as a turning point in Britney’s career as in music style as in lyrics style as in a more mature Britney’s image.

– In the beginning the son was thought for Janet Jackson but she refused because she didn’t like it

– The song contains a sample of Nasty Girl of Vanity 6, a female English trio, founded by Prince in the beginning of 80s. Then the song was remixed with Boys, another Britney’s song and usually used in her performances.

– Video shot in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

– In 2002 recieved three nominations at VMA’s for “Best Female Video”, “Best Dance Video” and “Best Choreography” (by Wade Robson)

– Chose as Most Fashionable Video in 2001 by MTV Philippines.

– In the video Brian Friedman (HIAM and TTWE video choreographer) is one of the dancers

– In Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD there are three versions of this video: the official one, an a cappella video and a dance version without other sequences.

– Gold: x1 Australia and Norvegia

– Platinum: x1 France

– Favorite Britney’s song


What am I to do with my life Why am I supposed to know what’s right I can’t help the way I feel But my life has been so overprotected

– There are two versions for this video: the European one debuted on December 8, 2001 and the Darkchild Remix for USA broadcast, debuted on April 27, 2002.

– This is the second single from “Britney” album for Europe and the third for America.

– Single and video was released before in Europe and then in USA

– In 2003 this song has been nominated at Grammy as Best Female Performance, award won by Norah Jones with Don’t Know Why

European Version

– Directed by: Billie Woodruff (the same of Born to make you happy)

– Gold: x1 Australia and Sweden

– Platinum: x1 France

– #1 in Norway

– In the beginning of the video there’s Bombastic Love instrumental, track contained in Britney third album

US Version

– Directed by: Chris Applebaum

– TOP 10 in Sweden, Japan, Italy, UK and France

– It received a lot of critics for to be really similar to Janet Jackson’s video “Son of a gun (I betcha think this song is about you)”

I’m not a girl, not yet a woman

I’m not a girl (I’m not a girl don’t tell me what to believe) Not Yet a woman (I’m just tryin to find the woman in me, yeah) All I need is time (All I need) A moment that is mine (That is mine) While I’m in between

– Debuted: February 5, 2002

– Directed by: Wayne Isham

– Shot in Antelope Canyon in Arizona

– Featured in the motion picture Crossroads which starred Britney in her first major movie role

– #1 in Japan

– #2 in Europe and UK

– Top 10 in Australia and Germany

– Britney hadn’t a stuntwoman for shoot the video on the rocks

– The song was written by Dido

– Gold in Australia

– Best International Video in Japan

– There are two versions of this video: the official one and the one with Crossroads scenes

– Second favorite Britney’s song of the album

I love rock n roll

I love rock ‘n’ roll So put another dime In the jukebox Baby I love rock ‘n’ roll So come and Take the time And dance with me

– Debuted: June 1, 2002

– Directed by: Chris Applebaum (the same of “Overprotected The Darkchild Remix”)

– Cover of Joan Jett’s 1981 Hit Single

– Top 20 in 4 countries

– Used also in Crossroads movie

– Britney said in an interview she loves the original song

– Gold in Australia

– The hat wore by Britney in the motorcycle scene will be wore again during VMA 2002

– 65,000 sold

– The Director’s Cut version of the video was later leaked; it included previously unseen scenes from the video. The Bar where it was shot is called The Inn, in Long Beach, New York.

– This single has never been released in USA because the European flop

Boys (The CO-ED Remix) ft. Pharrell Williams

Boys Sometimes a girl just needs one (you know I need you) Boys To love her and to hold (I just want you to touch me) Boys When a girl is with one (mm mmm) Boys Then she’s in control (yeah)

– Debuted: July 29, 2002

– Directed by: Dave Meyers

– Last single from “Britney” album

– Top 20 in Holland, Australia and Germany

– Top 5 in Japan and UK

– Featured on Austin Powers in Goldmember motion picture soundtrack

– Pharrell Williams and Mike Myers appear in the video

– This version is different from the one included in the “Britney” album, and includes in “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative”

– The video isn’t included in “The Single Collection” dvd

– It was nominated at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards for “Best Video from a Film.”

– In the video appears also DJ Qualls, Jason Priestley ans Taye Digg

– The song has been defined “a decidedly lubricious duet”

– Gold in Australia

– AOL Music premiered the new track on June 13, 2002, and it was streamed more than 1.35 million times, setting a new record an AOL Music “First Listen.”

– It’s one of the songs Britney still performs today.

– Britney once again has been criticized by PETA for have used a zebra and a peacock in the video

Which is your fav single from Britney era?

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