Debby Ryan’s New Show ‘Jessie’: Yep, College Kids Still Watch Disney!

With the conclusion of The Suite Life on Deck, starlet Debby Ryan has left the seven seas and is headed to New York City in her new Disney Channel series. Jessie follows the 18-year-old as she leaves behind her small town Texas home and becomes the nanny for a Brangelina-type family.

The series, set to premiere on September 30th, is already being hyped to be the newest teen television hit. The show was picked up by Disney before the pilot was even filmed, a rare occurrence, and was recently picked up for 7 additional episodes during the first season.

The show is a first for Disney Channel, being the only program in recent times to be based around a college-age person. It looks like the network has realized that college kids still watch Disney! To keep things interesting for younger viewers, the rest of the cast is primarily children. Jessie becomes the nanny to 13-year-old Emma (Peyton List), 10-year-old Indian adoptee Ravi (Karan Brar), 12-year-old American adoptee Luke (Cameron Boyce), and 7-year-old African adoptee Zuri (Luke and Skai Jackson).

Check out the clip below and watch Jessie on September 30th to see her take on the Big Apple!

Will you be watching Jessie?