Britney Spears Rocks The VMAs 2011 Night // Best Pop Video & Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

I just woke up after have watch VMAs 2011 live and doesn’t matter if it’s ended at 5:30am here in Italy, I did it just for Britney!!! You know I would to do anything for her!!!

So I was so excited about her tribute and the moment she recieved Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and especially when she won in Best Pop Video category, I cried with her!

The tribute was really really nice, I hoped she performed too and in the end all the rumors about the female artists who performed for her was a bullshit, it’s such a shame… it could be a sweet thing! But there were a lot of really young little girls and Britney’s eyes bright so much!

But Britney was such happy to that tribute that I just can only say: I’m happy too!

She’s the best ever!!! Can’t stop to saying this!!!

Video recorded by me with Blackberry Curve

I’m so proud of you Britneeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!

What do you think about Britney’s Tribute? Are you happy she won Best Pop Video?