Britney Shops For VMA Dresses In Boston

Britney shopped for VMA dresses in Boston, according to new reports.

“Yesterday, Miss Thang and her traveling Circus of black-suited bodyguards and hangers-on hopped out of a souped-up Cadillac Escalade in front of Crush Boutique, a clothing emporium that her sister, Jamie Lynn, scoped out the day before. Looking like just another Beacon Hill gal — ponytail, jeans, sneakers and a gray T-shirt — Britney browsed the racks of designer duds without asking for assistance, we’re told.

“She was very polite, quiet and unassuming,” store manager Brianne Dyke told the Track. “Aside from her black-suited bodyguards, of course.”

Britney went into the dressing room to try on two dresses, including a DV by Dolce Vita blush dress, and an Ali Ro sequin rose gold dress with a low-cut back. She emerged from the dressing room in the sequined dress, and went over to model the frock for her male friend (not her boyfriend Jason Trawick), who patiently waited on the couch.

“What about this for the VMAs?” she asked the guy. In addition to the two dresses, she also nabbed an Isabel Lu top and Wink NYC blouse. Grand total of Brit Brit’s shopping spree? A mere $602. Jamie Lynn purchased a navy BCBG top, a House of Harlow ring and a French Connection blazer.

Britney’s bodyguard bought the dresses for her using her debit card and bounced.

First up is this DELICIOUS Ali Ro Sequin Dress:

This Wink NYC Top:

DV by Dolce Vita Natasha Dress in Blush ($108.00)

Isabel Lu Polka Dot Double Layer Tank in Ivory Polka ($146.00)

Grand total for Brit Brit’s Beacon Hill shopping spree? $602. Not bad! Below, here’s a photo of store manager Brianne Dyke and co-owner Laura Macris holding up some of the clothes Britney bought:

If you like what you see, check out Crush’s e-commerce site at Or frolic over to Beacon Hill and stop into the store at 131 Charles Street. And don’t worry about it being that snooty-patootie vibe like some of the other stores. These girls are the jam.

Which is your fav look? And would you like to see Britney performs at VMA this year?