Beyonce Pregnancy, Dude Gaga and the Hunger Games: Highlights of the 2011 MTV VMAs

Another year of the exciting and arguably the most entertaining awards show of the year! We waited all year for what crazy atrocities this year would bring and now it’s over and done. From Lady Gaga opening up the show as a man and Beyonce announcing her pregnancy (without actually saying it aloud) to the Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse tributes and the Hunger Games preview, this year’s show was quite the eventful one! Missed the show, or just want to relive all the crazy moments?

Here are the highlights from the 2011 MTV VMAs:

Lady Gaga opens the show… as a man!Gaga performs her single “You and I” as her music video male alter-ego, Jo Calderone.

Seth Rogen, Jack Black and Will Ferrell reprise their roles as the Beastie Boys! The hilarious trio partook in a dance-off with Odd Future.

Jay-Z and Kanye West take the stage in a joint performance. Performing “Otis,” their set is literally super hot, complete with flames. (No, Kanye didn’t steal the mic from Jay-Z!)

The Britney Spears tribute. Despite the rumors of a big Britney Spears tribute running amok just days before the big day, the tribute wasn’t as celeb-heavy as speculated: Performers dressed as various Britney video characters went through the history of her videos, culminating in a group of ALL the characters. Quite the sight to see!

Beyonce confirms the pregnancy rumors, and confirms them again onstage. Prior to the actual televised show, on the red carpet Beyonce started a commotion when subtly hinting (and supposedly telling the paps there) that she was pregs. During the show Bey performed her song “Love on Top,” starting her set saying “the love is growing inside of me” and ends her set by rubbing her belly. CONFIRMED.

The King of Controversy wins. The winner of the ‘Shocking Winner of the Night’ awards goes to our Tyler the Creator for Best New Artist. WHAAAAAAA? Didn’t see that one coming! Esperanza Spalding anyone?

The Amy Winehouse tribute. Tony Benett, whom Amy recorded her last-ever song with, came out first to start the tribute, introducing a video of him and Amy singing together before she died. Then Bruno Mars came out and sang a rendition of “Valerie.”

The highly anticipated Hunger Games trailer was revealed! Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, who was not actually there because she’s filming in North Carolina, introduces the preview. Do we really have to wait till March for this?

What was your favorite highlight of the 2011 MTV VMAs? Did the VMAs this year impress or disappoint you?