7 Reasons Why Demi Lovato is Awesome

Teen sensation Demi Lovato may have celebrated her birthday earlier this week with Buzznet’s Hanna Beth, but she doesn’t officially turn 19 until today! In celebration of the occasion, I put together the top 7 reasons Demi Lovato is awesome!

1. Her ability to face her problems and overcome. It’s been quite the year for Demi, who checked herself into a treatment facility last year to battle an eating disorder and other personal issues. Demi has been totally upfront about her problems and has shared the details of her battle in hopes to help other girls facing similar issues.

2. Her incredible voice. If you’ve ever heard Demi’s CD, there’s no doubt she’s talented. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing her perform live, you were probably blown away. This girl can SING!

3. Her cool style. Demi doesn’t play it safe when it comes to fashion. She makes creative choices and always looks totally cool.

4. Her new single Skyscraper. Demi’s newest single was penned with Buzznet favorite Kerli and the emotion she put into the recording of the song is unbelievable. The song has such a powerful and uplifting message and we can’t wait to hear the rest of her new CD!

5. She writes her own music. Not many young starlets are able to write their own music on top of being talented actresses and singers. Demi’s ability to write her own music is totally impressive and makes her CDs just that much better.

6. She knows what she wants. After leaving treatment, Demi had some hard choices to make. She make the difficult to decision to leave her show Sonny With a Chance to pursue singing full time, something that she felt she truly wanted to do, excelled at and made her happy.

7. She’s totally close with her family. Demi is very involved with her family. She and her mom even having matching tattoos! Demi has two sisters whom she’s very close with and she’s been very protective of her little sister on Twitter.

Happy Birthday Demi!!!