7 Reasons We Love Joe Jonas!

Today marks the 22nd birthday of hearthrob Joe Jonas! As he embarks on a solo career and gets ready to hit the road with Britney Spears this fall, my Buzznet peeps and I complied a list of just why we love former JoBro Joe Jonas!

1. He’s hilarious! There’s no denying that the middle JoBro is the funny guy in the group! Whether it be in an interview or in one of the band’s many YouTube skits, Joe’s always ready to crack a joke. He even did Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ dance in a leotard (a la Justin Timberlake) after being dared by Jonas fans!

2. His compassion for others. Joe and his brothers are actively invovlved in numerous charitiable causes. Last year Joe travelled to Africia in support of the Jonas’ Change for the Children foundation. Joe has also organized several fun runs in support of the Special Oympics, and is involved with Disney’s Make A Change organization.

3. His diverse taste in music. Being in a total pop band never stopped Joe from branching out into different genres. In interviews about Joe’s new solo album, he’s cited inspiration from everyone from Kanye West to Kid Cudi to European dance music to even Latin music!

4. He always has time for fans. It doesn’t seem like Joe can ever turn down a photo with a fan. The Jonas Brothers had meet and greets at almost every show they performed and even take the time to meet fans who wait for them outside concerts and events. Check out fellow Buzznet intern Janet and I meeting Joe on the set of his ‘See No More’ lyric video shoot!

5. He can rock any hairstyle. Taking a look back at Joe’s transformation from one third of a boy band to a upcoming solo artist, Joe’s nailed whatever look he has! Whether it be a faux hawk or curly locks, he always looks GOOD!

6. His love for animals. Joe and his dog totally make you want to go awww!

7. His showmanship. Remember that time at the AMA’s when Joe’s stage entrance went wrong and he tripped into a pile of glass? (Maybe only a fan like me would remember this detail). Joe showed true professionalism and continued the performance, and has carried that sentiment throughout his career. What a rock star!

Happy Birthday Joe!!!