The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Songs

On October 24, I will celebrate the 13th anniversary of love, dedition and support about Britney Spears. I always considered myself as one of her best fans ever and I decided to create 13 blogs that I will post in those 2 months and half and on October 24.

I decided to post this first blog today because exactly among 2 months, finally I will see her on concert, in Zurich! I think every stone, every wall and everyone of you already know it, but I can’t stop to repeat it, because I don’t believe that finally I will see her with my eyes!

So, this first blog is about my 13 favorite songs

First I have to say that I always loved every single songs about Britney, every song is part of a period of my life, of a moment or about the fact I reflect myself in the lyrics, even though Britney didn’t write all the songs she released and a great part she wrote continue to be unreleased, I never said that she’s not a complete artist, damn she really is!

It’s been really hard to create a chart from 13 to 1, because I consider all of them at the top, but those 13 are also the most listened during my 13 years of love e dedition for Britney.

13. Stronger

Who said that women are the weak gender? This song shows how much a girl or a woman can be strong also without a man beside! It’s simply a masterpiece and milestone of Britney that adds to a lot of other fantastic songs she released and that everyone never forget!

12. Break The Ice

The opera part in the beginning is epic and the same for the beat of the whole song, it’s easy to find Keri Hilson mark, one of the best Blackout song in my opinion. I always desired to see a performance on this song. Everytime I listen this song I think to an action movie, it would be so great in a one.

11. Born To Make You Happy

First ballad song of a long serie. Even though this is a love song about a her and a him, I always dedicated to Britney, because I think she was born to make me happy and at the same time I was born to make her happy. There’s

10. I’m A Slave 4 U

The sensuality made song! A hymn for the music and also a perfect song to dedicate to own lover. It’s sexy, it’s dirty, it’s outrageous! Britney wheezes became famous with this song and it’s one of the her most recognizable fact.

9. Gimme More

I think this is one of the most discussed Britney’s songs and the one we still waiting for the original and never before seen version. In a period where everyone said Britney never come back, she had the strenght to released an album, all alone, produced by herself and one of her best ever, it’s my third fav album, with In The Zone and Femme Fatale, even though a lot of people underestimated it! The title of the song said all: Gimme More and seriously I spent the whole day to listen this song when it’s been released, and as for HIAM, it was one of the most waited songs of that period. The underground beat is perfect for this song and for all the album concept!

8. Hold It Against Me

I waited a lot of years for this song but in the end it’s worth it! Definitely one of her most successfull ones! I love the fact it can has more than one meaning, in part dedicated for a lover and in part dedicated to the media and all the people never believed in her especially when she said: “Would you hold it against me?”. It’s absolutely one of the songs made my 2011 more beautiful.

7. I Run Away

When I discovered this song, I think to have learned it in an only one hour and it’s one of the songs I always had in my head and I love to sing it! It’s a shame Britney never performed this song, because it’s simply perfect for her voice!

6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful

This song reminds me a lot “In The Zone” era. I always loved Britney collaborations, after the one with Madonna, this is my second fav one! I love the hip hop beat and Sabi rap too!

5. Toxic

I had a completely addiction to this song in 2004, I also did a choreography with my second hip hop/funky group and it was so funny! The beat is so catchy and this is one of Britney’s songs I can’t get enough! I’m so happy this song won the Grammy Awards, because it’s completly deserved!

4. Baby One More Time

I couldn’t forget the song that made me fell in love with Britney! This is a masterpiece, a milestone of the music. When you say Britney Spears you immediatly think to Baby One More Time. I usually don’t like to listen a song for such a long time, this happen over all when I dance and you have to listen million and million of times the same song because you have to rehersal a lot for to learn a choreography… so then I’m totally sick about that song… but this is never happened with Britney and especially with this song

3. Criminal

Till I listened the snippet on the web, I fell in love with this song! It’s simply AWESOME! And there aren’t words for to describe this masterpiece of song! The beat is amazing, Britney’s voice is so sweet, the lyrics are damn cool! It’s one of the best Britney’s songs ever, with no doubt! I think the day I bought “Femme Fatale” I listened this song a million of times! I love this song because it’s different, I love Britney’s music style because she loves to experiment new sounds and beats, this is the key for to be one of the greatest artist of the whole world since 1998.

2. Everytime

I have to say that I always loved ballads, doesn’t matter which artist I follow, but for the most part of the times, my fav songs are ballads, I really don’t know why, but this is it! In The Zone has been one of the most listened albums in those last 7 years too and Everytime is one of the songs that always makes me cry. It’s a song that I listened everytime I’m sad and it’s like a lullaby for me.

1. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

When “Britney” album has been released I constantly listened it again and again, it was my fav in that period, and “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” has always been my fav song ever, and then Everytime, in 2003. Even though now I’m almost 21 and I can say that I’m a woman or nearly, because Britney had my same age of mine when she recorded the song, I will always feel mine this song, because I still to learn a lot about life and about me, and one day finally I will have my moment, a moment where I finally said to have understood who I am.


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