11 Horrible Celebrity Hair Slip-Ups

On most days celebrities have quite envious hair, but just like us common folk sometimes celebrities have slip ups with their extensions/wigs.

Take a peek at some horrible celebrity hair moments and feel a little better about your own bad hair days!

Lindsay Lohan – One of the first rules of hair extensions? Be careful how you put your hair up!
Naomi Campbell – Sometimes windswept hair is not the best look. Who spies a bald patch?
Booke Hogan – I’ve never been a huge fan of dark under light, but when you use cheap looking extensions the look is even worse!
Beyonce – Pardon me, but your wig tape is showing.
Britney Spears – At times it seems that Britney doesn’t even care who sees her tracks.
Katie Holmes – Mrs. Cruise’s normally stunning extensions (left) are a mangled mess in the back in the photo on the right. Ooops!
Pamela Anderson – Known for showing skin, Pam gives us a sneak peek at her hair extensions while at an event.
Christina Aguilera – X-Tina showed up to this performance with her natural hair in curls and her extensions in stiff and straight frizzy glory.
Paris Hilton – She may have more money than all of us put together, but it seems as though she didn’t spend any on a good hair dreser! Check out those plugs!
Rihanna – Our favorite beauty from Barbados went a little overboard with tight braids and long waves, showing off a major bald spot.
Sienna Miller – Fashion icon Sienna Miller accidently lets her short hair hang out from under her lighter extensions while out on an excursion. Bobby pins, Sienna, Bobby pins!

What are some of your favorite “bad hair” photos?