10 Moments Ryan Gosling Put Us Under His Spell

Time after time, Ryan Gosling‘s hotness continues to crack away at my glass love ceiling, only to finally burst through and fly into the heavens where all men are Ryan Goslings.

Yesterday, a video surfaced of Ryan stopping a fight in NYC’s East Village, making me think further that maybe his entire persona is created by a film studio somewhere to sell movie tickets.

So many reasons to love him, but I will chronicle the top ten that have me swooning.

10. When we saw that he delves in music, cool points EARNED:

9. When we first realized he was cute in Remember the Titans:

8. When we saw his crazy stupid abs for the first time in Crazy Stupid Love:

7. Every time he shows us his impeccable sense of style:

6. When he got a supa-cool The Giving Tree black ink tattoo:

5. When he shows that he cares about charities and causes…swoon:

4. When he took his mom and sister to the Oscars:

3. When he read entries from F*ckYeahRyanGosling aloud:

2. Obviously, the famous kissing in the rain scene from The Notebook, and also his and Rachel McAdams acceptance of Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards:

1. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, my favorite Ryan Gosling moment is this picture of him holding his dog George at the airport:

Why do YOU love Ryan Gosling? When was the exact moment that you fell in love?