Why The Third FBR Anniversary Headliner Will NOT be Fall Out Boy.

As Cobra Starship were announced to join Paramore for the Fueled By Ramen birthday celebrations, many rejoiced but an equal amount sighed at the fact that it wasn’t FOB but let’s face the facts – they were never going to be on the bill. No amount of crossed fingers and toes was going to change that.

You can call me a pessimist, but I’m a believer (double-meaning intended there). I know that when Patrick, Pete, Joe AND Andy have all made the ‘announcement’ that they will not be playing, that means exactly that.

So who will the unannounced act be? Well, I’d put my money on Panic! At The Disco. However if it does turn out to be Fall Out Boy afterall, I’ll take one of Patrick Stump’s old hats and eat it! It’s not all doom and gloom though, Patrick Stump’s new US headline tour is on sale today so chin up, believers.