Well, Now Lady Gaga is a Fricking Mermaid

So, Lady Gaga’s video for her single “Edge Of Glory” was definitely not what we’re used to from the singer. While it was definitely eye catching, featuring Gaga dancing around a New York City alley while wearing vintage Versace, it certainly wasn’t along the lines of Paparazzi or Bad Romance or Telephone.

Well, never fear, because it sounds like she might be returning to the familar for her next video. Which, of course, for Gaga means the unfamiliar and often the totally weird. See, Lady Gaga had originally been planning a mermaid themed video for “Edge of Glory.” That obviously did not happen. But it sounds like she’ll be reviving her mermaid alter-ego for her next, unnamed, single.

Oh, yeah, she has a mermaid alter-ego. Named Yuyi. Which she debuted at Le Grand Journal in France last month. While wearing a jacket striking similar to one my mother owned in the 80’s.

In an interview, Lady Gaga has said that “Yuyi may just be born in the next video.”

Okay, so, we know that supposedly mermaids are replacing vampires as the next supernatural “thing.” So is this mermaid thing of Lady Gaga’s actually an alter-ego she needs to be in touch with? Or is that just part of an elaborate art piece she’s working on? Or a clever marketing tactic? Or a combination of all three?

I suppose only time will tell. If it ever tells at all. Point is: Lady Gaga is a fricking mermaid.