Watch Kirstie Alley Call Out David Letterman

So, let’s face it: being the subject of a fat joke sucks. Same as being the victim of any other mean, vague-ly bullying joke. Sometimes you can laugh at it, but at the core it can still hurt and it really, really sucks to have someone point at your body and laugh and point out all your little imperfections.

Kirstie Alley has had her share of ups and downs with her weight in her life and, like other celebs who have had the audacity to gain weight in public, she’s been a good target for late night comedians like David Letterman. What’s awesome, though, is that last night on The Late Show, Kirstie actually called out Letterman for the fat jokes he’d told about her. She did it in a very amiable manner, but the fact stands: what she bascially said to David Letterman was “Are these things still that funny when I’m sitting next to you?”

Gotta admit, I love how from the second Kirstie pulls out that list of jokes David looks extremely uncomfortable. Also, his (probably joking) admission that if she were skinny, he probably wouldn’t make fun of her. It probably won’t stop Letterman from making jokes about her weight or the weight of other celebrities (for being “too big” or “too skinny”) but it’s certainly something to see him called out on that sort of thing…on his own show!

What do you guys think of the way Kirstie Alley handled this? How do you feel about the media’s fixation on how much celebrities weigh? Do you think we need more celebs willing to do stuff like this?