Victoria Justice Dating 26 Year Old Co-Star Ryan Rottman: Is the Age Difference Too Much?

This holiday weekend the paparazzi caught Victorious star Victoria Justice being all PDA with her rumored boyfriend and Victorious guest star Ryan Rottman. The two have been spotted out and about together at events in LA and even a local farmer’s market, but have not gone public with their relationship. It seems like these photos of the pair on a July 4th bike ride confirm the two are in fact dating. Good for them, right?!

But this brings up a more important topic. Victoria is only 18 while Ryan is 26, 8 years her senior. Sound familar? 18 year old Nick Jonas is dating 26 year old singer and actress Delta Goodrem. Nick and Delta’s relationship has brought forward some controversy, but what will the public reaction be now that the roles are reversed? Is Ryan too old for Victoria? Is Delta too old for Nick? Is either situation acceptable?

What do you think? Is there a double standard when it comes in age differences in dating? Or are these couples totally acceptable?

I say everyone sticks to their own age bracket. Nick dates Victoria and Ryan dates Delta. Problem solved!