Twitter Beef: Kelly Osbourne vs. Luke Worrall

It’s no secret that the breakup between fashionista Kelly Osbourne and her ex Luke Worrall was a little (ok, A LOT!) less than amicable. But as Kelly was mourning the loss of her best friend Amy Winehouse at Amy’s funeral this week, Luke was taking jabs at the vulnerable Kelly over Twitter, reports Perez Hilton.

It all started when one of Luke’s followers tweeted:

@luke_worrall What did you ever see in @misskellyO smartest thing you ever did was to dump the hypocritical cow.

Luke’s reply?

@misskellyO lol

Never one to just take insults, Kelly responded with tweets on her own Twitter:

@luke_worrall you’ve made it very clear u only dated me 4 my life style but sh*t tweets about me the day im @ a funeral u have hit a new low

@luke_worrall it was fine when my Kellyphant a** was paying 4everything wasn’t it? i just didn’t thinku could get much lower but u did #wow

Poor Kelly! It’s bad enough that she is going through the painful experience of losing her best friend. Just the day before, she tweeted this:

To have to go through that AND THEN find out your ex is taking jabs at you with something so public as Twitter – not the easiest thing, to say the least!

As we’ve learned this week, breakups are never easy – but instances like this are one of the reasons they can be good for you. Good thing Kelly is rid of Luke!

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