Track-by-track Guide To Patrick Stump’s ‘Soul Punk’

After all of us waiting so long for a release date, our patience is being rewarded as there’s now a track listing which NME unveiled earlier on their website.

So here it is along with a description of each track to fully whet your appetite:

1. ‘Explode’

Unsurprisingly this ‘Clap if you’ve got a ticket to the end of the world’ anthem looks set to be the album opener.

2. ‘This City’

Although we know and love this track as Patrick’s lead single with Lupe Fiasco, this will not be the remixed version and instead will be rap-free. If it was to feature Lupe Fiasco, it would contradict against the fact Soul Punk was designed to be written, performed and produce by Patrick Stump – exclusively. However Patrick has since said that there may be a ‘bonus edition’ of Soul Punk which may include it.

3. ‘Dance Miserable’

‘Dance Miserable’ is one of a few tracks that will feature on Soul Punk that nobody has heard yet. Perhaps it will recieve its first play on Patrick Stump’s upcoming tour. Seeing as there’s no video I’ll leave you with this misery dance from this website instead.

4. ‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’

Remember when there was a poll online between ‘New Regrets’ and ‘Oh Nostalgia’ and whichever one won would feature on Soul Punk. You probably also remember that ‘Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)’ won, but for some reason it’s ‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’ that landed a place here. According to Patrick Stump it’s a better fit for the record.

5. ‘I In Lie’

So who’s been telling porkies then? Patrick apparently. He probably wrote it feeling his guilt over his ‘Soul Punk’s out in February’ fib.

6. ‘Run Dry (x heart x fingers)’

So cleverly named, you almost wonder whether Patrick broke his ‘no collaborations rule’ and got Pete Wentz to help pen the lyrics. It’s yet another song that we now nothing about but we can imagine.

7. ‘Greed’

Working along the same lyrical concept displayed in ‘As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid’, according to Patrick this song is “a critique of materialism”. So don’t go taking all his lyrics literally because its likely some satire will be used.

8. ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Patrick Stump live (or if you’ve simply been creeping his shows on Youtube), you’ll know this song was a staple in his set. If you’re feeling heartbroken and don’t want to have to sob to Taylor Swift, just remember that “everybody wants somebody who doesn’t want them who wants somebody else”.

9. ‘Allie’

Another track that’s made its name as part of Patrick Stump’s live show is “Allie” which according to the man himself is a song about “naive sexuality”. All I know is that it’s brilliantly catchy and features the best line about contraception ever written – “When you said you were protected, I thought you meant you had a gun” (Yes, I am aware there’s not much competition).

10. ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’

Another track that we know nothing about but from the title, we can safely assume it’ll be an uplifting album closer. Can Soul Punk really get any better?

Perhaps it could get better actually as one obvious omission from the track listing would be ‘Cryptozoology’ a funktastic track that’s been a big part of Patrick Stump’s live set. I’m guessing it’s one of those tracks from the “ether” but surely it’s too good to not be given a real recorded release?

So what do you think?

Are you excited for October 18th yet?